A do nothing day

Well today, to be honest I pretty much did nothing. I just stayed home and made plans and researched places of where we want to go and things we want to see before we leave. Searching, mapping, reading reviews, planning, prioritizing, and pondering was about all I accomplished today.

Tomorrow Bella has the day off, so Bella and I are going to explore The Great Wall. Because we aren’t staying at a hotel, it added to the complication of getting a driver. Most tour buses and drivers meet at hotels, which are quite a distance away from where we live. So thankfully, my wonderful friend Jennifer had the number of the driver who took them to The Great Wall a few weeks ago. So through this world over here of WeChat, we were able to communicate with him and he got a driver who will pick us up here tomorrow and drive us up to The Great Wall and bring us home. The touring while at the wall will be up to us, but I think we can figure that out, if we can’t we will just follow the crowd.

Thank you Melanie for the Map and Guide Book. It has come in very handy!

So because I spent the day planning which parks to go to at what times (Spring is arriving so saving some for then) and which temples to venture to and which shows to see and museums to visit and what restaurants to try out, I don’t have any new photos to post of events of the day. I thought maybe I would just post some photos of the past few weeks with detailing of the photos represent. It will be a bit like a photo album. Some you may have seen, and some may be new. Just a little variety of what we have seen and experienced

First and Only Sunset We Have Seen
A monument at Longtan Park I couldn’t read what event it was representing. Oh how I wish I could read Mandarin. I feel like I am missing out.
Ceiling of one of the bridges at Longtan Park. Yes, a 3D snake head coming out of the painting.
Athletic Park near the night market. Soccer on one side, basketball on the other
Careful when taking pictures of arachnids, sometimes they “come to life”
Life here with these three make it bearable ❤
Big City Lights. Chinese version of Times Square
Among the traditional streets of Beijing. Doorways always seem a bit ornate.
Fascinating the different in architecture. Ancient to Modern within a 5 minute drive. (Sorry blurry photo-trying to take it while driving in an Didi (Chinese version of Uber)-I am lucky I got this much. The driver was going for it in the crazy traffic. All we could do was sit back and pray 🙂
Ceremonial Urns at the Temple of Heaven. About the height of Amanda.
Inside the The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest
The artwork within these temples is so beyond impressive. You just stand in awe. This picture doesn’t do it justice!
Art is impressive. I am sure there is so much symbolism to this photo! I love that this one has the name on the bottom so you know who it is a painting of.
The only bird we have seen. My dad identified it as the Magpie! We would call it the Black- billed Magpie but I think they call it Pica pica (Craig, I think this is your favorite bird-so an ode to you!)
My daily television! Haha. I don’t have television here, so I sit and watch out my window. This is where I study patterns and people. The things I could tell you!! Some of the people and their actions are so entertaining or interesting that my family will even ask about them when I talk to them. I’ll have to do a blog some day on what I see!
We’ve seen this sign a handful of times. We don’t know what it means. No horns? No music? Some at parks, some alley ways or small village areas.

Well, I hope this little photo album was another small glimpse into what all we have seen and experienced these last few weeks. I can’t wait to embrace what is next for us and to share it with you all. Enjoy your day. Soak in even the small moments.


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