The Great Wall

Today was the day that Bella and I traversed part of the longest man made structure in the world, Great Wall of China. The building of this wall took more than 1800 years to create, going as far back as the 8th century. The most recognizable segment are the handiwork of the Ming Dynasty. This is the area we walked.

Today was an epic day. It started off with our driver picking us for the 2 hour drive to the Mutianyu Great Wall. It was a interesting drive to go from the big city of Beijing, to the rural area, to the mountainous region. But seeing the Great Wall way up on the hill kind of brought chills to the spine. We were actually here. We were going to walk the Great Wall. Surreal.

Once we arrived our driver took us to the ticket booth. We had to decide if we wanted to go up and down on the gondola or if we wanted to do the chair lift up and a toboggan ride down. Of course we chose the one with the toboggan! Who wouldn’t want to toboggan down from the Great Wall! After we purchased our tickets we said goodbye to our driver and headed up the road to catch a bus. Once we caught the bus, it drove us to a smaller village like setting where we would catch the chair lift. Our adventure was about to begin!

I didn’t know they took pictures at the top, but they do and Bella really wanted this one because it shows us together!

So the chair lift reminds us of a ski lift. We lined up just like a ski lift. When it was our turn we lined up in the marked area with our backs to the chair coming around. It scooped us up, and the gentleman put the bar over us and our feet held in down. Up, up and away we went. I thought it would be a little freaky but with the bar there, you didn’t feel like you’d plummet to your death. The view was amazing. I was a bit scared to try and take a picture since I didn’t want to drop my phone, but I did squeak in one in.

Amazing views on our way up to the Great Wall

Once we arrived on top, we had to decide which route to take. We started at the 6th tower and decided to walk towards the 11th tower. Words can’t describe how it feels to be walking along this historical place. It was just the two of us, so we soaked in every bit that we could. Bella keep remembering the history of the wall and the reasons behind it and the most recent events of the Mongols (Well, not recent but historically speaking) All the thing we had read about and studied and here we were. Wow! I wish my words would do it justice but they can’t. I’ll add photos of our adventure and add the details below. It might be the best way to explain it. Hope you enjoy because it was a day we will never forget!

And the journey begins. From this view you can just feel the history!
The 7th Tower. Bella didn’t realize we would be able to explore so many towers. An added bonus and this was the first of many.
Inside the tower. The historical fortress feeling made everything all the more real!
Seriously, the views are breathtaking! And you could get a sense in how they could communicate between towers.
The mortar for the walls was made of sticky glutinous rice flour and slaked lime.
(Top View) Steep Stair to climb the tower.
Top of the Tower!
Some parts are quite steep!
But the views are worth the climb!!
There was an area inside one of the towers where you could leave your mark. We both signed out names! We tried to be respectful and signed in little teeny areas not already written on.
An area where the stairs had crumbled, they build glass stairs so you could see what was underneath. I just couldn’t get a good photo it but thought it was really cool!
600+ years does show its age at time
It was seriously one of the most epic things we have done. To walk history, ancient history was monumental in our lives.
And now for the toboggan ride back down! It serpentines its way down the side of the mountain from the Great Wall to the village below. About a 10 minute ride.
And away we go! One at a time. You can’t take photos on the way, but I will tell you it was a blast! You had control over speed with a handle and you’d lean into the curves. What a fun way to end an incredible day!
After the ride, we did a fun photo shoot with these men! They tried to capture her but her martial arts skills paid off 😉
Going to The Great Wall with Bella is a day I will cherish forever. To spend this time together, walking history together, creating this memory together. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that! Love you to the moon and back, Bella Jade

Today, the surviving elements of the Great Wall of China stretch to an amazing 13,171 miles. We didn’t quite walk that far today (haha) but even to have walked a few miles, was worth its weight in gold. To be honest, I am not sure the Great Wall had been on my “bucket list” of things that I wanted to see or do in my lifetime, but I will check it off anyway because it should have been!


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