Emotional Day-A bit sappy

I wish I had something exciting to share but today was a down day. Last few days have been really busy, but today we just stayed home. It is good to rest. But today, I don’t know why, was just one of those hard days that just come out of no where. Man, I miss home. It is just really hard to explain. I am here on this amazing adventure, seeing things I would never see otherwise, experiencing things I never thought I would, but I miss my family. I guess it is just a home sick kind of day, but maybe that is to be expected.

Every day I remind myself just one step closer and to soak it the time you have here. I do! I am embracing it! I am finding appreciation for this country and its people and creating forever memories. But today especially I miss home.

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Bella is growing and thriving here in Beijing but she is terribly homesick as well. I guess that means we have a good life. To quote Winnie the Pooh,
“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” We do, we are lucky. Our family and friends back at home are a treasure, a true gift from God.

Bella has friends back home that she can Face-time and share her heart or what she is experiencing, and they are amazing. They bring her joy. They cry with her. They celebrate with her. They listen to her. Over 5600 miles away and they are still there with her in the best way they can be. Those she can’t Face-time, they message and send words of encouragement or just make her laugh. Thank you friends, for being who you are. For loving my girl and for making each day a little bit better knowing you haven’t forgotten her and you love her. She can’t wait to hug you all and to share her life in person with you again!

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To my friends back home, thank you for all your kind words too. Being here is amazing, but it is also so hard. Days can be really long and lonely, but my friends make the days brighter. I have one friend who texts me everyday, checking in on me and wondering about my day and shares hers. We share laughter and tears and everything thing in between. (And she shares her favorite iTunes music with me 🙂 ) She is a gift. I have another friend who sends me encouraging scriptures that speak to my heart. It is like the perfect words for that perfect moment. Thank you! I have friends who are taking care of my girls and setting up play dates or study dates to not only help out, but to also add friendship into my girls lives at home. Seriously, thank you! I have two friends who have shared recipes with me to try and make here. Being creative with ingredients offered here, I have made a delicious chicken noodle soup and an amazing stir fry per their recipes. Amazing! I have friends who send message that share life’s joys with me. That even though I am not present, I can still celebrate even the smallest things with them. Thank you friends for you love and support even from across the big pond called the Pacific Ocean.

Then there is my family! My husband is still my rock. He is my go to and speaks such solid wisdom and calms me down when I am overwhelmed. I love that man! My girls Face-time me, and I can’t describe what a gift that is. Technology can be a pain in the tushy (especially here when Wi-fi goes out frequently) but it has given me such a gift. I get to see my girls faces, and hear their voices, and laugh with them, cry with them, encourage them, do homework with them, and just share a bit of life with them. This is not a part I take for granted. It is my lifeline on certain days!

My brother! You guys rock. Your sweet messages of encouragement and inquiries about the day are precious! I know you also do the same for Bella and that touches this momma’s heart. You both have invested into my girls lives and I love you for it. I always knew you were kind a cool when we were kids, but as adults I have learned to truly love and admire you both!

Finally my amazing parents! I am not sure that there are words adequate enough to thank them. They have been so encouraging to me, to the both of us. Though I know tears are shed when we hang up, I know they support us 100%. They always have. When talking with them, they share about life. They share in our joys and our sorrows. They understand the love of a family-they are the ones that instilled it into us! That love is powerfully strong when we are together and at the same time it is so strong that distances has only tightened us! Mom, Dad. Thank you! Thank you for loving us. Thank you for being there to help with the girls! Thank you for helping with meals (take out only goes so far 😉 ) and for driving my girls when Dale is working. I know you wouldn’t have it any other way, and that is what makes you special!

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Yes, life is good here in China. We are blessed. We are treated well and have been given another amazing family to share this experience with. I truly can’t complain. I just miss my family and friends. Thank you God for giving me these gifts and heart to appreciate them. And as Winnie the Pooh says, “A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey.” I will be thankful when my pot is full again!

Thank you for sharing in this experience with me and for reading my journal through the events and emotions of being here. Sending hugs!!

(A special thank you to my IT friend, who keeps my technology a float! 🙂 )

41 more days to go


2 thoughts on “Emotional Day-A bit sappy

  1. You’re doing so great Kimberly! And I’m so proud of you for getting out there and taking advantage of being in a new land and really experiencing it. I may be more of an extrovert naturally than you are, but you are by far surpassing what I think I would be able to do in terms of courage and all of the exploring you have been willing to jump into. So proud of you and Bella both! Big hugs from here! Miss you!

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