New Favorite Place To Eat

When we first arrived here, we were excited to eat authentic Chinese food. Within the first week, we had yet to find anything delicious. Everything was the same taste, bland, or just the wrong type of sauce. We couldn’t figure out how to order something correctly so it was a huge disappointment.

After getting our bearings and figuring things out and experimenting more we have been able to discover a few good place, but this one is my favorite. One because it is five minutes away–that is huge here since everything is a 25-30 subway ride. Two because the prices are incredible! The most I think I spend on a meal at this place was $8 American dollars. And the three because it is delicious-can be spicy but delicious.

The name of the place is called Sajiao Chilli Restaurant. It is a place we actually found inside the mall near by. This one is no ordinary mall. I think the whole population of Medford can fit in this mall. Okay, not really but its amazing. There are many mall type places to eat but also restaurants within. Jennifer and I found this one and we’ve been back multiple times.

Ceiling in one area

First of all the decor is fancy/classy with a fun edge to it. I don’t know how to explain it. Each room has a different ceiling style as well as different photos. They are unique photos of painting of bodies of royalty but heads of animals. Strange but cool.

Then there is the amazing food. So far I think we have liked almost everything we have tried. There is a menu for you at the table and you actually circle what you want on the menu and they take the menu and bring the food. We have to go by pictures most of the time but at this place it says whether there is meat or not, which is nice for Jennifer and Dakota who are vegan. They have lightning bolts next to the spicy. When they say spice they mean it. I guess “chili” is in the name and most meals have a variety in of chiles in most dishes, and they wake up your pallet for sure!

We always share dishes, so we get a great variety. Tonight we had steamed veggie and rice dish (it tastes like potpie), tomato melon salad (not sure why it said melon but it tasted heavenly), cucumber salad(amazing!), spicy bean noodles (way too spicy!) and a chicken pepper noodle dish (spicy! but fantastic!) We didn’t get it tonight, but we usually have this creamy tofu dessert. Hard to explain but melt in your mouth creaminess! The last cool thing is that they serve water that has these berries floating in it, maybe Acai berries. The water is served warm but the fun part is that the water eventually turns from light blue to purple. It doesn’t taste any different but it fun.

Water that turns from light blue to purple as the berries soak
Chicken and Pepper Noodles–spicy but oh so good!
There are these green berries that taste a bit like sweet juniper. When you eat them you tongue goes numb. All four of us experienced this. We are wondering if it is added to help with the spiciness. Spots that were numb, you couldn’t feel the heat of the peppers. Interesting!
Spicy Bean Noodles—Super Spicy!! A few bites was enough.
Cucumber Salad-so refreshing with all the spicy
Steamer baskets. This one had slices of pork over a bed of rice and peas. Best pork I have ever had, so tender. Bella had a vegetable one that she says tasted like pot pie!

Yes, this place is amazing and to know Bella and I ate there for less than $10 American dollars is not too bad either! Hopefully we will find more gems like this one!

This is the creamy tofu dessert – surprisingly amazing!

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