The Overstimulating Grocery Store

I am not saying I am not thankful for this wonderful store that is a 15 minute walk from our place, I just need an nap afterwards (And I am not an introvert so that says something)

The store I am talking about is Carrefour. It is a multi floor grocery store. I may have mentioned it before but it is a cross between Wal-Mart and Costco. It has almost everything you need in one place. Almost meaning, we have yet to find the baking section that would have flour, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and items like that. Maybe they are just disguised. But they have everything from clothing to household items to groceries.

Well, I will start with the produce section. This place is full of more produce than I have ever seen in a grocery store but it is also the loudest place in the store. I wish I could add a video so you can hear the volume of the place but it’s like being in a crowded bus with lots of middle schooler type of volume. So if you can get past the noise the produce is fascinating. Someday I might be brave enough to try the unusual stuff, but for now I take pictures. 😉

Then there is the fish market area, which is next to the produce. A lot of yelling of something goes on there so it adds to the crazy atmosphere. They sell things I didn’t know you could sell. There is a whole live section and then the regular “dead” section (haha that sounds funny to say) but it actually does look like a fish market, not cut up nicely and cleaned.

Yes, a live turtle—not as a pet 😦

Then you have the rest of the store. Aisles and aisle of food. There are some that have bits of English which is helpful but the rest is a guessing game. So many options and I am sure we are missing some amazing things but we just don’t know. It would be cool to have a personal shopper to shop with us. Here are some examples of shelves

One of the fun things we like to do is find the strangest flavors of chips. Their idea of chip flavors are very different than America, not that they don’t have some basics, but I don’t think most of these would catch on.

Not sure what flavor this one is 🥺🤔

We are figuring our way around the place nicely and even found an import aisle that is much more familiar but twice as much the cost. Finding the balance is key, and we will get it mastered just in time to leave 😂.

We visit this place three times or so a week and each time we are overwhelmed by the sights and sounds but are entertained by the treasure we find! So I’ll leave you with a few more.

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