Beijing Zoo

Bella and Dakota both had the day off so we were excited to explore with the girls. Dakota and her mom went off to the Great Wall and Bella and I decided to check out the Beijing Zoo. We heard they have Pandas and we know our Amanda’s favorite animal is a Panda so we had to go check it out and what better place to see a Panda than in China.

After our 50 min subway ride, it took us right to the zoo. We got in line with the other thousands of others who were waiting to enter. The line went rather quickly which was nice but man there are a lot of people here! So many people, so little personal space, but we are getting use to it. Once we got our tickets, off we went!

Zoo Entrance

After entering the zoo we headed towards the Panda Exhibit. There is an extra fee to see the Pandas but was part of our combo fee. To enter this zoo it cost less than $3 each. A wee bit less than zoos back home, but it definitely encourages people and families to come which is awesome! Okay, back to the Pandas!!

I was so wishing Amanda was with me. She would be on cloud nine! After making our way into the exhibit we found the first open area where a Panda should be. It took a bit but we found it! It was sound asleep snuggled up next to a a wooden level step. It was hard to see him and what a strange position to fall asleep in.

Once we passed by that area we entered a different area, more of and indoor outdoor a section called the Asian Games Panda House. This area hosted a few different Pandas, one who fell asleep –so cute! (Second photo) and one that played it up for the crowd. (Third photo–Bella might have the video on her page)

There are more videos and pictures of cute pandas, but I should probably move on to the rest of the zoo. After the Panda Exhibit, there was a gigantic zoo. We walked it for 2 1/2 hours and still didn’t see it all. The zoo itself is beautiful. They do an incredible job making it a place for families to come. Lots of inexpensive food, areas for kids to play and a lot of trees, greenery and area of rest.

The rest of the zoo was so much fun. It was so cool to spend this day with Bella. She was so excited to see each part and knew which friend or family member would love this part and this animal. She is a way better photographer than I am so she got some cool shots/videos. Bummer part is we missed seeing two exhibits due to them closing earlier. One was the penguins(sorry Craig) and the other was the aquarium section(sorry Adria) but Bella is determined to make it to the aquarium part before we leave because there are dolphins for Adria and sharks. Bella is fascinated with sharks. Otherwise we got to see everything from giraffes to hippos, to rhinos, to alligators, to monkeys, to cheetahs and everything in between! (Yes, Wes, even a Fennec Fox!)

It was another wonderful day with my girl! I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with her and that we can share in these moments together! Afterwards she even came back to my apartment, we had dinner and just relaxed! Another wonderful Sunday in Beijing!

Hey can you spot a Bella in the photo below? With the thousands of people here, her hair came in handy!

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