Certain Days

Well, today was just a hang out sort of a day. Nothing planned. These are my hardest days because the days are long and seem never ending at times. Today was one of those days, but I seem to have these once a week. Where I look at the time still left ahead and it can get so overwhelming. I try not to let time take my joy away and try and refocus but certain days its hard.

Bella and I are almost half way. Almost. Both of us are terribly homesick. We really are having a wonderful time here. Bella is having amazing experiences and I am enjoying getting to know the world around me and trying to embrace it. But home. It just sounds so good. Laughter with family and friends. Not sure there is anything better sounding than that.

It was a smog filled day so we stayed inside most of the time. It was my cleaning, laundry, catch up on things sort of a day. Learning the cleaning processes around here has been interesting! Always a bit different but we figure it out.

Laundry Machine. Every 10 minutes you have to go select another part of the cycle. Wash(process), rinse, dehydrate(spin). Drying is done on a line in the sunroom patio.
We had to Google translate to even figure out how to work the machine and what each thing meant. We still might not have it all figured out but it works.
Mopping is an everyday couple times a day event. In the bathroom it is a wet room which means the shower is in one big room with the rest, no separation, not even a curtain, so when you shower the whole rooms gets wet. When done showering we have to mop the floors to remove the water.

Bella is plugging along with jobs and castings. Hopefully we will get some more photos from her shoots and I will write a blog about them and her experience. She has met some great people and they have a lot of great stories together. Her developments as a model is growing quickly and when she gets back to the states it will be exciting to see what happens.

Life here is truly good. We are here for a reason. Both of us are growing. It isn’t easy being here and some days really hard, but we know we aren’t alone and we know that with God everything has a purpose. That is where our hope and joy are found here. My verse this week has been “This is the day the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24 Each day is a gift from the Lord, so I will continue to rejoice in it, even if challenging to do so.

Leave it up to my girls to brighten my day. One of the many reasons I love Facetiming. They make any day a bit brighter.

My girls are giving me some challenges of things to do and a scavenger hunt sort list, so to help mix things up while I am hear. So Lord willing the rest of my week, if not seeing more of China, I will be experiencing it more even if just in my own neighborhood. A family is a teamwork effort and they lift me up just as much as I do them. When I am down, all I have to do is Facetime them and they make me laugh and smile and show me that I have the greatest things in the world to come home to!

Just girls hanging out!

The positive of today is the girls came over for dinner which was really nice. Always good to hear their stories and catch up on life. They make us laugh. Those are the best of moments. The moments that get us through certain days.

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