Repeat and Run

Today, once I got out of my gloomy cloud, I decided to go for a walk. To where I had no ideas. It was a pollutant filled sort of day, kind of like what my mind was doing. It was clouding my joy and the pollution was clouding the sun.

As I was on my walk, I got a message that the girls were done with their castings and wanted to go see the plum blossoms, that we had seen the other day. I think it would lift their spirits just like it did me to know spring is here! So I turned myself around and scurried back home.

We met up with the girls and took the subway. It’s amazing how natural the subway is now. It is just starting to make sense which is funny since the first day I was like what??

Once we got off the subway it was a 20 minute walk to the park. Every neighborhood brings a different feel. This one was a little more upscale but with traditions throughout.

Once we got closer it was easy to see the blossom colors just peaking through all the concrete buildings! And you can see part of the wall behind it!’

Then the arrived. The smell of spring was all around. I can feel it even more while people flock here. In such a concrete oppressive place, this gives life! The girls loved it and the more they walked the more they soaked it in.

Truly, I could stay here all day! Each bloom, each smell, each shape of tree, each color, was just breathtaking.

We decided to do a photo op while amongst the trees because it was just gorgeous! Once of the funniest things was that the four of us ended up being then photo op. One man asked to take pictures of all four of us, then people lined up to take photos and others were off to the side taking photos. It was crazy, kind a cool but crazy. Then another lady grabbed me and took some pictures and then she took pictures of me with her friend. Then Bella and Dakota were asked to have picture with other girls. It was a whirlwind but my favorite part was seeing the joy on their the people’s faces and them hugging me and just being so happy! It was a little slice of what I miss back home. It felt good.

*A gentleman took this photo of all four of us. (Sorry it is a little blurry) and then he took some with his own camera and that’s when the line up of people joined us for photos. I think at least 6 individual people got photos with all four of us. *

Then after taking some more fun pictures of Bella with the blossoms we were heading to the Ming Dynasty Relic Wall again to show the girls when Bella got a message that she was called for a fitting for job! Yay! But we had to be back to her apartment pick up spot on 45 min and we were about 45 minutes away! So it was time to run! Dakota and Jennifer stayed to enjoy the sights and Bella and I scurried back to the subway as quickly as we could and got back with 5 minutes to spare!

Though the Relic Wall will have to wait, it was worth the trip to see those flowers once again! A repeat of beauty, just enough before we had to run!

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